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Choosing to major in Liberal Arts & Sciences requires determination and initiative, and is well suited for the student who wishes to design their own program of study, is passionate about learning, and wants to spend their college years exploring different subjects rather than preparing for one ‘specific’ career. Often, interdisciplinary graduate programs will include reading, writing, and discussion. You typically take core courses in different areas of arts and social sciences, as well as choose electives to help shape your academic focus. Classes tend to be small, and encourage the ability to reason critically, communicate effectively, sharpen your reading and writing skills, and understand relationships between broad fields of knowledge. A Liberal Arts & Sciences Bachelors Degree can be an excellent way to prepare for today’s world where new and unexpected careers are invented almost daily! Then further your education with an interdisciplinary graduate program.

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Ready to search for an accredited Liberal Arts & Sciences Program? You can perform a location search on to determine where you can earn your Liberal Arts & Sciences Degree. Just use the tabs to choose a city, state, or country and then browse results.

Then you can decide what Liberal Arts & Sciences Program format you are looking for. Would you like to study on campus or do you need the flexibility of taking courses online? Maybe you would be more interested in a bit of both, which the Hybrid format offers by combining a low residency on-campus experience with some courses online.

Types of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Is there a topic that you wish to study in particular? What about Degree Level? You can search through by Liberal Arts & Sciences Degree type: Masters, Doctorate or Graduate

Certificate. For instance, you can earn a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, a Science in a Changing World Graduate Certificate, or a Doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies.

So many more choices! Start searching for an accredited Liberal Arts & Sciences Graduate Program and begin checking out your options!

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