Juris Doctor Programs and JD Degrees

What is a Juris Doctorate (JD) Degree?

A JD degree is the highest education available in the legal profession in the United States and is considered and first professional graduate degree in law school.. For the student looking for an education in legal studies, the Juris Doctor program is the basic law grad program which is typically a three-year, full time program. A Bachelor Degree prerequisite for entry is required. The Juris Doctor Degree is usually earned by completing law school in the United States, Canada, and other common law countries. Many people who hold this degree are professionals who are committed to a career of practicing the law.

Graduate Law Degrees

Juris Doctor Programs: Areas of Focus

When considering degree options, you may want to consider Juris Doctor programs that will help you specialize in areas such as:

  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • Corporate law

Or, there may be other areas you may want to focus on. Students may also consider a LLM degree depending on where they want to practice (especially internationally). A masters program might be best if you are seeking knowledge of a particular area of law to enhance your work in another field.

Another consideration is whether you may be interested in a dual degree. For instance, many law schools will offer joint JD/MBA programs so that students can receive valuable business training if they plan to start their own law practice. A MSW/JD degree could prepare students with a deeper understanding of social work. A MSW/JD degree may also prepare students for the related concerns facing a law practitioner working with children, women, or the elderly for example.

How to Find Juris Doctor Programs

Are you are ready to start looking into accredited Juris Doctor Programs? GradSchools.com makes this search a simple one. First of all, you can determine where these programs are available by

performing a location search. Just select a popular city, state or country. You can also search by program format. For instance, are you dreaming of attending a prestigious campus? Or, are you looking for a more flexible format such as Online courses? You can further pinpoint the right Juris Doctor Program by searching through the different program levels such as the following:

  • Commercial Law Graduate Certificate
  • Doctorate Law Degree
  • Master Art Law and Business Degree.

Naturally, there are many options for this classic academic program. Start your search for an accredited Law Grad Programs. Begin pursuing your Juris Doctor degree soon!

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