PhD or Master's in Security Management & Law Enforcement

Interested in potentially enhancing your qualifications in the law enforcement field? If so, you may want to consider earning a criminal justice degree that focus' on a specialization in law enforcement administration. Law enforcement professionals focus on crime prevention, investigation and apprehending suspects. While a Bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement may qualify you for entry-level roles, if you are interested in  PhD or Masters in Security Management & Law Enforcement infographic thumbnailleadership or teaching, a graduate law enforcement degree may be worth considering. Some examples of careers in the field include: ATF investigator; FBI Agent; Federal Air Marshall; Forensic Science Technician; Homeland Security Agent; and Private Investigator.

Law Enforcement & Security Management Program Options

There are several different law enforcement degree types to choose from, such as a Master of Science in Justice and Security, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice – Federal Law Enforcement Specialization or a Ph.D. in Strategic Security.

GradSchools can help you simplify your search! Just filter by degree for Masters Programs in Law Enforcement or, if you are interested in a doctorate in Strategic Security filter by doctorate. Not ready to commit to a degree program? Consider a Graduate Certificate in Law Enforcement or Security.  

Now, where would you like to study? Filter your search by location to find a graduate schools offering law enforcement policing investigation programs in your area—or you could also earn your law enforcement degree online.

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