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Are you drawn to an education in the business side of fashion? Do you have an eye for style? If so, fashion graduate programs could lead to a variety of careers within the fashion industry.

Types of Fashion Graduate Programs

Fashion graduate programs may be availabe in a variety of specialties and at the doctorate, masters and certificate levels. Each may focus on a slightly different aspect of the fashion industry and have its own requirements and goals. Below is a bit more about two of the most common types of fashion programs: Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design programs.

Fashion Merchandising Graduate Programs

Fashion merchandising programs focus on the business aspects of the fashion industry, combining a love for the artistic and design aspects with the ability to promote and generate revenues. Fashion merchandising courses may touch on topics such as branding, product development and fashion technologies.

For example, a Masters in Fashion Merchandising program could be a great way to explore the entire apparel value chain and develop managerial, as well, as artistic skills and knowledge. These programs typically require a bachelors degree and 1-2 year of full time study. Consider Masters in Fashion Merchandising programs such as the Master of Science in Fashion Design Management or Master of Science in Global Fashion Enterprise.

Fashion Design Programs

Fashion design programs, on the other hand, may be what you traditionally think of when considering fashion. These fashion graduate programs may help students develop their artistic knowledge and learn to create textiles, clothing and more. Most fashion design programs have an area of emphasis, matching a specific type of design. Jewelry design and textile design are just a few examples.

Students in a fashion design program typically split their time between the classroom and

the studio for a combination of theoretical and practical study. They may explore various production methods, as well as design techniques and philosophical concepts. Some programs may culminate with a final presentation rf exhibition of work. Requirements and course of study vary widely however, therefore its best to contact any programs of interest on your list.

Find Fashion Graduate Programs

When starting out a search for a fashion graduate programs, you can use the location tabs to indicate a city, state, or country where you are hoping to study.

Otherwise, refine your search by degree level. Browse options such as a Doctorate in Clothing and Textiles, a Doctorate in Textile and Clothing Sciences, or a Doctorate Department of Consumer Affairs. At the Masters level, you can look through for an MFA Fashion Design and Society or Masters in Fashion Merchandising. And, consider developing new skills and knowledge with Fibers and Textiles Graduate Certificate or a Graduate Certificate in Silversmithing, Jewelry and Allied Crafts.

You can also search by format and study online or in a traditional classroom. Online Graduate Programs in Fashion Retail Merchandising or Fashion Design schools are just a few examples. With so many options for a Fashion, Retail and Merchandising Degree, start your search now and pinpoint a perfect course of study for your higher education!

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