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Cultural Studies Graduate Programs Overview

As an academic field, Area Ethnic and Cultural Studies Degree Programs are interdisciplinary and draw from different subject areas, including sociology, anthropology, political science, and history. Although sometimes misunderstood as being the study of popular culture, cultural studies programs explore the ways in which culture is both constructed and organized, how it evolves, and the ways culture creates and transforms individuals, social relations and power structures.

Cultural Studies Programs InformationDesigned to educate students on specific global perspectives on the history, politics, economics, society, and culture of various world regions, graduate programs in cultural studies combine deep knowledge of geographic areas and ethnicities with advanced work in the humanities and social sciences.

Rather than preparing graduates for one specific career, students with a cultural studies degree may be prepared for a variety of potential career paths in government, business, education, journalism, and the non-profit sector.

Search for Ethnic Studies Graduate Programs & Cultural Studies Graduate Programs

Searching for the right Area, Ethnic & Cultural Studies graduate program may be an exciting journey, whether you are looking for a broad program in multicultural studies or have something more specific in mind. Perhaps you are drawn to understanding your heritage, are interested in a specific area such as the Middle East, are open to learning a foreign language or are hoping to lead peace talks in the future.

Use the search tools on GradSchools.com to help you find ethnic studies programs by location if you are hoping to study locally in a specific city or state, or abroad. You can also choose cultural studies programs by selecting a learning format. You might choose to study on campus if you are looking for the traditional college

experience, or look into distance-learning options such as the online or hybrid programs. These offer a convenient way for busy graduate students to continue their education while maintaining other commitments.

Degree Level Programs for Cultural Studies Graduate Programs

Another great way to search is by degree level. Many Master’s programs can be completed in 1-2 years, while Doctoral programs tend to be more research-based and can run between 2-6 years. Every search yields choices, for example; a Graduate Certificate in Peace Studies, Master in Jewish Studies, PhD in American Studies.

If you’re looking to grow intellectually and professionally, equipping yourself with the knowledge, expertise, and skills valued by a wide range of employers and organizations in today’s global economy, you may want to consider area, ethnic studies graduate programs, or cultural studies graduate degree.

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