Teaching Foreign Language Masters Graduate Programs

Master’s degree programs in teaching a foreign language are available for individuals interested in teaching a wide variety of foreign languages at many different educational levels.  Search for master’s degree programs in teaching a foreign language on GradSchools.com.

One principal truth of the world today is that every aspect of life is becoming more globalized. The growth of the Internet and communication technology coupled with the ease and accessibility of international travel have led to the emergence of a truly global community. With this in mind, generations moving forward may need to be equipped with an additional top set of skills to adapt and perform their best in this globalizing environment. Foreign language fluency, once a nice-to-have bonus, is slowly but surely creeping closer to necessity. This may open up a host of applications for those with background in foreign language education.

Master’s Degree in Teaching a Foreign Language Curriculum

Students pursuing a degree in foreign language education will likely split their educational focus between developing a keen grasp of one or more modern languages and honing educational and pedagogical practices. Some schools offer a master's in foreign language education as a joint program between the faculties of education and arts. 

While many prospective students will likely already have an established background in a foreign language, additional language studies at the graduate level tend to focus on further developing communication skills, such as grammar and advanced vocabulary. Students should also expect to spend additional time with cultural studies, including things such as literature in the language of choice. 

As part of meeting the requirements for the teaching aspect of the degree, students may also be required to receive additional certification at the state level to be eligible to teach in their state of choice. It's recommended that applicants contact their program and academic institution of choice to determine any prerequisites or additional qualifications.

Foreign Language Teacher Salary Potential and Job Outlook

One common career path pursued by graduates of a foreign language education program is to teach in either a K-12 or postsecondary environment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that postsecondary teachers earned a 2012 median annual salary of $68,970, with jobs expected to grow by 19 percent through 20221.High school teachers earned a median annual salary of $55,050 in 20122, and elementary school teachers earned a median salary of $53,0903.

Graduates of foreign language education programs can also seek out careers outside of an educational setting. For example, some businesses and even government agencies require translators and interpreters. These professionals claimed a BLS-reported 2012 median annual salary of $45,430, with jobs expected to grow by 46 percent through 20224.

salary of foreign language teachers

Is Earning a Master’s Degree in Teaching a Foreign Language Right for You?

While many education programs cater specifically to professions in school environments, foreign language education may be becoming ubiquitous across many fields, including government and business. This profession may be important as a means of  facilitating communication in a globalizing world.

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