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MFA Creative Writing Online programs offer an advanced masters curriculum that balances writing workshops with academics to take your writing to the next level. Courses in literary theory and writing traditions might flesh-out your knowledge in new ways. Then, valuable peer and professor feedback in the digital classroom could take your draft from good to great. And, you could have access to these advanced literary techniques from anywhere with an internet connection.

Online Creative Writing masters programs

Online Creative Writing Masters Curriculum

MFA creative writing online programs could be a great way to develop your writing talents and support them with academic literary study. In laymen’s terms? These programs might help you write more effectively! But, creative writing is a rather large umbrella term. Some of the following genres might fall under the heading of “creative writing.”

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Literary Translation

Depending on your artistic passions, you could choose to concentrate on any one of these fields during your masters program. Of course, not everyone in your classes may write the same style. Which is great for developing your own work! This way, you could have the chance to see what goes into writing other genres in addition to your own. This might be especially true during workshop courses. Students are often required to submit recent drafts for feedback and review. Who knows? You may find that some creative nonfiction advice could be applied to your young adult series!

Additionally, students may have the chance to engage with other scholastic topics to further develop their understanding of their craft. Courses may be available on subjects such as the below.

  • Literary adaption
  • Cross-genre writing
  • Thematic literary criticism
  • Regional writing traditions

These classes could be a great way to gain a fresh perspective and flesh-out your own writing. Or discover new genres you hadn’t even considered. Courses and programs may differ by institution, so be sure to check before applying.

Online Creative Writing Masters Degrees: Master of Fine Arts (MFA) vs Master of Arts (MA)

Online creative writing masters programs are typically offered as a master of arts (MA) or master of fine arts (MFA). Though you may find both in your research, MFA programs are typically more common. MFA degrees tend to focus on students’ writing and providing critique in workshops as opposed to academic literature studies. MAs on the other hand, take a more comprehensive approach. They may incorporate additional courses into their curriculum to round out students’ education. For example, they may study some overlapping subjects with English graduate courses like literary analysis and scholastic critique. Apart from these differences, both degrees aim to prepare students to confidently step into the creative world with their writing.  

Taking into consideration writing and reviewing for workshops, as well as academic courses, students could potentially earn an online masters in creative writing in 1 to 3 years depending on their course load. Programs length may vary by institution.

Online Class Size and Workshops

Many MFA Creative Writing Online programs only have 4 to 6 students per class year. Why? Because small classes are ideal for giving and receiving feedback, especially during workshops. This is an important part of online create writing masters programs and could be integral to further refining your art. Typically, workshops require students to submit drafts of their work for peer review on a weekly basis. This way, you could become familiar with your classmates’ styles and offer insightful advice. Additionally, your peers’ feedback could help define problems – and strengths – in your writing through email or online chatrooms.

Potential Publishing Benefits

Not to be forgotten, your professors could also provide industry specific criticism to help polish your work. And, since your classes are online, you could quickly email your professor for additional assistance whenever you need it!  You might not miss the traditional, on campus writing experience when your classroom and peers are only a few clicks away!  

Not only could workshops potentially improve your writing capabilities, they may also assist you in completing your final project. Online MFA creative writing programs often require students to submit a completed work, in lieu of a thesis research project, to graduate. You could have the chance to develop your piece in workshops throughout your entire masters experience!

Online Masters in Creative Writing Admissions

Online creative writing MFA admissions may differ from other masters programs you’ve researched. Unlike others, creative writing applications may pay equal attention to your undergraduate transcripts and samples of your previous work. Schools may request examples to better assess your current writing capabilities and whether you might be a good fit for their program. Depending on your area of expertise, your samples could include things like manuscripts, poems, and screen plays. Check with your intended program for admissions guidelines and deadlines.

Online MFA Programs and Residency

By earning an MFA in creative writing online, you could have the chance to write where and when it is most comfortable for you. Not to mention, by taking your courses online, you could maintain your professional life. Since you might be able to log into your classes at your leisure, you could do so after work. This way, you could develop new skills and knowledge right alongside your current job.

However, while much of an MFA in creative writing could be completed online, many programs require students to attend a residency as part of the curriculum. Residency typically includes students living on campus for a brief time to intensely work on their writing. For online students, these programs act as a highly-focused session for them to write without the distractions of home. Usually, a university houses students with other writers from their program. This could encourage them to offer each other regular and instant feedback to support their current writing initiatives. Or, it might just be a perfect opportunity to network.

Schools may offer either high or low residency stays. Low residency programs typically last 10 days. Online programs offer these programs so that students may insert residency into their current home-life schedule without much difficulty. High residency programs, on the other hand, could last 2 to 6 weeks. Most residencies occur on a semester basis. For more information about residency goals and lengths, check with your intended institution.

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Some stories begin with “once upon a time,” but yours may start with an online MFA in creative writing! To continue your literary journey, browse the list of potential programs on this page. To refine this list further, select your preferred degree format from the menus also on this page. Good luck starting your new chapter with an MFA Creative Writing Online program.

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