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Considering a Masters in Security Studies or Master's in Law Enforcement? A masters degree in law enforcement is potentially a great way to enhance your qualifications in the law enforcement field. If so, you may Criminal Investigator Masters Law Enforcement Careerswant to consider earning a masters level criminal justice degree. These types of degrees may be a fit for law enforcement personnel who wish to advance in their field, as well as corrections, probation, and parole officers; law clerks; and other decision makers who address questions of public policy, social research and administration of justice in the public sphere.

Masters Degree in Law Enforcement

There are several different masters degree in law enforcement program types to choose from, such as a Master of Science in Justice and Security or a Master of Science in Criminal Justice – Federal Law Enforcement Specialization.  A Masters in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement is designed for students seeking to expand their understanding of the law, social order and justice. A Master of Science in Security Management on the other hand,is intended to provide students a depth of background in security fundamentals, including terrorism and homeland defense, cyber-security and information protection, and critical infrastructure, as well as management topics including principles and theories of security management. 

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