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M.B.A.: Leadership

Format: Online

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Earn Your MBA in Leadership To Become an Effective Leader

Offered by the Colangelo College of Business, the Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Leadership at GCU is a degree that leads you to formulate and strengthen your leadership style. While learning the principles of business, you will prepare to be an effective business leader. Gain self-confidence in your executive leadership skills and apply the principles of ethical decision-making and problem-solving. This online MBA in leadership will help you build a conceptual framework that emphasizes the thoughtful development and communication of decisions.

GCU’s Online MBA in Leadership Program

An MBA Program Designed for Aspiring Leaders

Leaders drive positive change and build productive workspaces. As you work toward your degree in your MBA leadership development program, you will gain the tools and foundational knowledge needed to become an effective leader. An effective leader has many qualities, including:

    Identifying and cultivating talent
    Inspiring others and developing the company culture
    Providing a good example for others to follow
    Motivating others towards a common vision
    Promote potential in others

In addition, the Colangelo College of Business has a distinct perspective of business, equipping you to be a good steward and adept business professional. Elements of this perspective include:

    Business as a force for good: You will be taught to elevate humanity through business done right, including the tenets of conscious capitalism.
    Free markets and purpose for prosperity: Over the course of the program, you will explore the higher purpose of business and a stakeholder orientation for long-term success.
    Business as ministry: Business is taught through a Christian perspective that upholds supporting your team through love, care, and support because everyone matters.

Benefits of GCU's MBA in Leadership Program

From a managerial approach, candidates explore a wide range of leadership topics within an intimate and engaging online classroom. Learn from the diverse perspectives of your peers and instructors. Prepare to drive growth and lead efficient change in your organization with this MBA in leadership. Features of this MBA in leadership development program at GCU include:

    Completing your MBA leadership online provides convenience and accessibility
    22 months to earn your MBA degree1
    Transfer credits for business-oriented bachelor’s degrees1

Careers for Online MBA in Leadership Graduates

Earning your Master of Business Administration in leadership emphasis can prepare you to become a competitive applicant for executive and managerial positions across a broad range of industries. This credential demonstrates your commitment to professional development and best practices in leadership. Some of the high-potential career opportunities for those with an MBA in leadership may include:

    Chief executive
    Human resource manager
    Business operations specialist
    Facilities manager

MBA candidates at Grand Canyon University may qualify for placement assistance.

Reasons an MBA in Leadership Can Advance Your Career

The MBA in leadership development program at GCU emphasizes the intrinsic value of servant leadership. MBA leadership candidates explore how servant leadership builds strong and ethical organizations, enriches lives and works toward positive and socially just communities.

This degree program challenges you to attain a deeper level of understanding of effective business and management principles. You will refine your communication skills, learning how to effectively connect with diverse audiences and key stakeholders. Critical thinking and analysis, ethical problem-solving and innovative theory application are core competencies of this MBA in leadership development program.

1 Upon evaluation of their transcripts, students with business-oriented undergraduate degrees may waive all MBA fundamental courses to complete the program in as little as 18 months. A minimum 3.5 GPA is required to double up on coursework for an earlier completion time of one year. Students should consult their Student Service Counselor for options. Students will still have to complete the emphasis courses to complete the full degree in 22 months or 16 months if doubling up. Students with non-business undergraduate degrees may have the ability to waive one or more of the following fundamental courses associated with their programs of study if content was taken and completed with a B or better: ACC-502, FIN-504 and SYM-506.

2 The earnings referenced were reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”), Financial Managers as of May 2020. Due to COVID-19, data from 2020 may be atypical compared to prior years. The pandemic may also impact the predicted future workforce outcomes indicated by the BLS. BLS calculates the median using salaries of workers from across the country with varying levels of education and experience and does not reflect the earnings of GCU graduates as financial managers. It does not reflect earnings of workers in one city or region of the country. It also does not reflect a typical entry-level salary. Median income is the statistical midpoint for the range of salaries in a specific occupation. It represents what you would earn if you were paid more money than half the workers in an occupation, and less than half the workers in an occupation. It may give you a basis to estimate what you might earn at some point if you enter this career. You may also wish to compare median salaries if you are considering more than one career path. Grand Canyon University can make no guarantees on individual graduates’ salaries as the employer the graduate chooses to apply to, and accept employment from, determines salary not only based on education, but also individual characteristics and skills and fit to that organization (among other categories) against a pool of candidates.


The Association of Business Schools and Programs accredits Grand Canyon University for the Master of Business Administration degrees

Eligibility Requirements:

Must have a bachelor's degree to apply.

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Classification: Master's College or University I

Loans Offered: Perkins Loan, Stafford Student Loans, PLUS Loans, Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (LEAP) State Grant, Arizona Post-Secondary Education Voucher Program State Grant, Federal Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

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