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Ed.S. in Teaching and Learning

Format: Online

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What is an Education Specialist Teaching and Learning Degree?

Grand Canyon University’s Education Specialist (EdS) in Teaching and Learning program is a post-master’s education degree which allows K-12 educators to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for developing education communities that improve student outcomes.

Offered by GCU’s College of Doctoral Studies, this accelerated, fully online EdS program emphasizes theories and models of teaching in various educational environments, from elementary to high school.

Throughout the program, learners will:

    Examine the global politics of education and the intervention facilitated by government entities
    Study professional learning communities and theories of pedagogy
    Explore ways to train and develop the teams that learners are preparing to lead and support
    Learn to excel in teaching by studying industry trends, implementing new effective teaching strategies based on original research and applying findings to foster greater classroom success

As a private, Christian university, GCU integrates faith into each of its programs. Courses within the EdS program use a values-based curriculum that addresses socially responsible practices and ethical decision making within education.

Learn to Help Others Learn Better

The aim of the EdS program is to give educators the skills, through research-based teaching strategies, to develop collaborative educational communities with the purpose of improving student learning and driving classroom success in K-12 environments.

Learners will make connections between past philosophies of education and current issues and emerging trends in the field, so that they develop the skills to identify and implement effective models or theories of change, innovative technologies and modern methods to enhance their learning environments.

The program focuses on the following:

    Using philosophies of teaching and learning as a foundation for improving the teaching and learning process Evaluating learning theory as it relates to mentoring, coaching, collaboration and educational tools
    Examining disruptive innovation and change associated with theories and models
    Assessing teaching and learning from a global perspective to understand the social, cultural, organizational and psychological factors that affect the classroom
    Using research methods and statistical analysis to produce original research

An EdS capstone course concludes the program, providing learners with the opportunity to apply the skills they have developed to their professional interests and goals. Throughout the class, learners develop a written project suitable for a professional portfolio.

The program offers a rigorous curriculum and takes an in-depth, analysis-based approach to every course. Unlike GCU’s doctoral education degrees, the EdS does not require learners to complete a residency or dissertation. This allows current full-time teachers may complete their program more easily without taking time away from work.

Achieve Your Career Goals and Drive Education Forward

Graduates of the EdS in Teaching and Learning degree are prepared to move beyond traditional classroom responsibilities and drive change through the research and collaboration skills developed throughout the program.

After completing the program, educators may pursue higher-level roles at the school and district levels or higher. The knowledge and skills developed during the EdS program equips educators for advanced positions such as school administrators, counselors, consultants or a wide variety of other advanced positions in education.

The EdS program allows teachers with a master’s degree who want to advance their career without enrolling in a typical doctoral program. Graduates who later decide to pursue their Doctor of Education (EdD) in Teaching and Learning are able to transfer some of the credits completed during their EdS. Speak with a GCU counselor for more information about pursuing an EdD after an EdS.


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Classification: Master's College or University I

Loans Offered: Perkins Loan, Stafford Student Loans, PLUS Loans, Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (LEAP) State Grant, Arizona Post-Secondary Education Voucher Program State Grant, Federal Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

Locale: Large City

Size & Settings: 0-999

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