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City College of New York, The New York City , NY  
  • DIAP encourages students to develop a critical art practice through the relationship between technology & art. more >

  • Computer Science deals with information: its storage, retrieval, and processing; its communication, control, and manipulation; its analysis, recognition, and display. This relatively new profession is concerned with computers, their organization, the... more >

  • The Department of Psychology offers a Master of Arts Degree in Mental Health Counseling with a focus on prevention and community development. more >

  • Biomedical Engineering (BME) is the application of engineering principles and physical and mathematical concepts to solve problems in medicine and biology. Biomedical engineering has been a critical component of the technological advances in medicine... more >

  • Chemistry students at City College have a number of options from which to choose. more >

  • Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. more >

  • The Department of Biology welcomes applications from individuals with strong undergraduate records and a desire to pursue further training in the life... more >

  • The Masters Program in International Relations (MPIR) emphasizes a broad interdisciplinary study of international affairs with an emphasis on internat... more >

  • For more than three decades City College has offered serious writing students a chance to meet one another and to work under the guidance of a legenda... more >

  • Chemistry students at City College have a number of options from which to choose. more >

  • Mechanical Engineering is a very broad and versatile profession. Mechanical engineers deal with a wide spectrum of topics ranging from cell mechanics to the design of huge launching pads for space vehicles. Their domain of interest includes energy co... more >

  • A Master's Degree in Civil Engineering requires 30 credits. Each of the concentrations requires a core of courses specific to it plus electives. The Department of Civil Engineering offers programs of graduate study concentrating in the following area... more >

  • The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences has developed a unique version of the Earth Systems Science (ESS) model, the proposed national curric... more >

  • A 30-credit program of required courses and art history electives leading towards work on a Master's Thesis developed in conjunction with an advisor. more >

  • The Psychology Master's Program at The City College of New York provides a solid broad-based graduate education in general psychology. more >

  • A 36-credit, portfolio-driven Master of Arts Program in the Media & Communication Arts Dept. at The City College of New York. more >

  • The department of Chemical Engineering offers graduate students a choice between a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, a Professional Master's degree, M.E. (Ch.E) and a M.S. Engineering). Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering: The Ph.D. Program in Engineering pre... more >

  • Recent research has demonstrated that diversity in staffing strengthens organizations. more >

  • The Department of Media and Communication Arts offers graduate program leading to an M.F.A in Media Arts Production. more >

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