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Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago , IL  
  • Knowledge and other intellectual assets are increasingly recognized as a driving force of innovation and economic growth. Intellectual property rights are becoming central to the modern economy. IIT's Master of Intellectual Property Management and Marke... more >

  • The Department of Applied Mathematics puts mathematics to work solving problems in science, engineering and society. Applied mathematicians investigate a wide variety of topics, such as how to construct methods for multi-criteria decision making (requir... more >

  • The study of computer science is the inquiry into the nature of computation and its use in solving problems in an information-based society. Computer science is an evolving discipline, but it has a well-defined core of knowledge and a set of characteris... more >

  • The Master of Science degree program advances knowledge through post-baccalaureate coursework and state-of-the-art research in preparation for careers in industrial research and development. The M.S. degree is also generally acceptable as a prerequisite... more >

  • The Department of Food Science and Nutrition offers masters degrees and certificates in food safety, food technology, and food process engineering. With an enrollment of over 170 students, IIT's food science program has a flexible structure that meets t... more >

  • The department offers programs leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics. The M.S. degree is not a prerequisite for the Ph.D. The department also offers a professional masters program in health physics designed for the part-time student and available... more >

  • The Master of Public Works (M.P.W.) degree is the most widely recognized education credential for professionals engaged in public works and infrastructure engineering and management. IIT's M.P.W. program consists of four mandatory and six to seven elect... more >

  • The department offers interdisciplinary programs leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in molecular biochemistry and biophysics. New advances in our understanding of biological function can be expected from a synthesis of molecular genetics, biochemistry an... more >

  • The MMF is for those interested in financial risk management with education in theoretical, computational and business aspects. more >

  • The PhD program, offers intensive clinical and research training from the cognitive-behavioral and social learning-theoretical frameworks. more >

  • The purpose of this degree is to prepare students for advanced study and/or research and industry in the field of computer engineering. The Master of Science in Computer Engineering program builds a strong foundation in all aspects of the design and dev... more >

  • The professional masters program in materials and chemical synthesis is a part-time program designed for scientists who wish to broaden their background in synthesis and characterization of materials and chemical systems. The program combines modern mat... more >

  • The department offers graduate programs leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry. Each student's program is planned individually to meet individual needs, interests and capabilities. In addition, the department offers two professional master's pro... more >

  • IIT's professional program in structural engineering provides students with the knowledge needed to design the built environment. Students learn how buildings and bridges may be designed to resist the forces imposed upon them by external loads, gravity,... more >

  • This program is oriented toward students who are interested in developing more knowledge about buildings. Students should have educational backgrounds in disciplines such as architecture, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and/or electrical... more >

  • The objective of this degree program is to prepare students for professional practice in any field of engineering involving heavy emphasis on biological processes, and to provide a foundation in the fundamental knowledge of biological engineering. The s... more >

  • IIT's Civil and Architectural Engineering department is distinctive owing to the experiences and qualifications of its faculty and their excellence in teaching. Nearly all professors are either licensed engineers or have many years of experience in thei... more >

  • The M.S. in Technical Communication and Information Design provides an understanding of communication practices, familiarity with information and communication technologies, and an awareness of the importance of collaboration in enhancing the flow of in... more >

  • The Master of Public Administration program, which is designed for the working professional, combines rigorous instruction with a practical orientation toward public and nonprofit management and policy analysis. Students encounter this balance between t... more >

  • IIT campus offers an invigorating combination of pioneering early modern landmarks to study in and learn from for this program. more >

  • The Rehabilitation Psychology Division offers an M.S. degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Counselor Education, and a Ph.D. in combined Clinical/Rehabilitation Psychology. The mission of the Rehabilitation Counseling program is... more >

  • Designed primarily for working professional health physicists in government, medicine, research and industry, this program combines technical depth with the interdisciplinary viewpoints of leadership, management and communications. The degree can be com... more >

  • The Master of Science in Environmental Management and Sustainability integrates law, science and business to answer the increasing demand for a uniquely trained management professional who understands the many complex dimensions of environmental issues... more >

  • The department offers graduate programs leading to Master of Biology and to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in biology, concentrating educational and research activities in the areas of biochemistry, biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, and microbiology. G... more >

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