San Diego PhD Political Science Programs

Doctoral students in a political science Ph.D. program work to advance the body of knowledge in the discipline.  Students in a Ph.D. program in political science will undertake extensive research and conduct experiments to work towards developing new theories or applications of political theory.

Students should consider their goals in selecting a political science doctorate program – whether you are interested in starting a career in university level teaching and research or whether you wish to apply your knowledge and skills in the public or private sectors outside academia. Different programs may offer different advantages such as a small student to faculty ratio, the opportunity to teach, or faculty who share your research interests.

Political Science Doctorates in San Diego

Most PhDs in Political Science are going to be campus-based programs. You can use our directory to search for programs in a particular city, state or open your search to the world. If you find that your goals don’t require the level of investment of a doctoral degree, you may want to consider a masters in political science or start with a graduate certificate to explore certain areas of interest.


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