Florida Doctorate in Marketing & Advertising (PhD & DBA)

There are two primary types of doctorate degrees in marketing and advertising: the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA).

PhD Programs in Marketing & Advertising

PhD marketing or advertising programs typically help students pursue careers in higher education working as educators and researchers, often times in business schools. Professionals with PhDs in marketing or advertising may also work as managers or researchers in businesses across industries. In many programs, the emphasis is on marketing and business theories and empirical analysis. Students may develop the theoretical knowledge and research methodologies necessary to successfully conduct research, teach students, and contribute to the body of marketing research and analysis.

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Most marketing or advertising PhD programs are research-intensive and commonly require students to complete coursework, a capstone project (such as a dissertation), and perhaps a mentorship or apprenticeship in the field (often a professor or researcher). Depending on the program, it might take students anywhere from three to six years to earn their Doctorate in Marketing or Doctorate in Advertising.

DBA Programs in Marketing & Advertising

DBA in marketing or advertising programs typically help students pursue careers as managers, leaders, and researchers in businesses across industries. In many DBA programs, students learn how to conduct research, provide effective leadership, and manage marketing campaigns and departments.

In many cases, DBA marketing programs emphasize theoretical knowledge and practical application. They may require students to test their knowledge in these areas through a comprehensive exam, final research project (such as a dissertation), or field work or an apprenticeship. Depending on the program, students might earn their DBA in marketing or advertising through three to six years of fulltime study.

Doctorate in Marketing Common Coursework

As we mentioned above, you will likely take a collective of core and elective coursework as you pursue your doctorate degree in marketing. Through your core curriculum, you’ll likely develop your knowledge of marketing science through study in a range of areas. Some subjects for core study could include buying behavior, marketing strategy, choice modeling, social and cognitive psychology, research methodologies, economics, and others. Over the course of your program, you may gain in depth knowledge of marketing and marketing management as a science, field, and discipline.

You might also elect to study a particular area of marketing (called a specialization or emphasis in most programs) such as quantitative research, management, behavioral marketing, or marketing science. If you pursue a specialization, you may study subjects consistent with that track as part of your core curriculum. You might also specialize your knowledge through elective study or by pursuing a minor. Subjects for elective and minor study might include economics, organization management, information technology, social media, international business, and others.

In a marketing PhD program, you might study subjects such as statistics, data analysis, research topics, and qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in depth. You may also study subjects specific to marketing science and participate in teacher training as part of your core curricula. In a DBA program, you might study subjects such as marketing theory and strategy, consumer behavior, marketing models, and other subjects specific to marketing science. You might also take courses in marketing and department management and study methodologies for conducting research in organizations.

These are just some examples of what you might study in your DBA or PhD program in marketing. Keep in mind, however, that there are as many possibilities for curricula as there are doctorate-level graduate programs in marketing. And, many programs allow for a certain degree of flexibility so that students can pursue interests according to their backgrounds and career goals. What you’ll study ultimately depends entirely on your particular program and preferences.

Doctoral in Advertising Common Coursework

A doctoral PhDstudent will learn how to effectively design, manage, plan, and execute promotional programs. The program comprise of subjects of a more advanced nature as this is the highest level of education in this category. As technology is a major factor in marketing and advertisement, therefore students can expect to be taught how to incorporate graphic design elements with advertisements. Some of the areas of study students can expect to study in this degree will be

  • Social sciences
  • Sociology
  • Marketing
  • Web design

What Marketing PhD Jobs Might a Professional Pursue?

The goal of many graduate programs in marketing is to submerse professionals in concepts, theories, and principles central to successful marketing. At the doctorate level, professionals may emerge from their programs with well-developed research skills and the knowledge and skillsets necessary to act as educators, researchers, managers, or highly specialized practitioners in the field of marketing.

Despite the similar overall aims of many doctorate-level marketing degree programs, however, the roles that professionals with PhD and DBA degrees in marketing play may be quite distinct. PhD programs typically help professionals pursue careers as educators and researchers. Meanwhile, DBA programs typically help professionals pursue careers as marketing managers, specialists, and researchers in businesses.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing managers “plan, direct, or coordinate marketing policies and programs." They may also help determine demand for products and services, identify potential customers, and develop pricing strategies (conduct research!). A primary goal might be to oversee product development and monitor market trends.

Professionals who work as educators and researchers at colleges and universities, meanwhile, may teach courses, work with students, develop curricula, plan lessons and assignments, assess students’ work, advise students, supervise graduate students, work with colleagues, conduct and publish research, and much more (are you getting a sense of a teacher’s work?).

Keep in mind as you earn your graduate degree in marketing that your career path may ultimately be directed by your experience, knowledge, skillset, and program goals and objects.

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