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Graduate students who want to focus on the many aspects of running a successful business, such as new product development, financing strategies, business design and e-commerce might find that earning a PhD in Entrepreneurship sets them up for success in this challenging economic climate. Doctorate degree level entrepreneurship programs strengthen students’ knowledge in a variety of crucial elements pertaining to operating businesses, managing innovation, and teaching entrepreneurship to others.

PhD in Entrepreneurship

Some schools combine doctoral degrees in entrepreneurship with other programs, such as information technology and business administration. Doctoral degree programs usually require that students write a dissertation and defend it in an oral presentation.

Selecting a PhD in Entrepreneurship Program Format: Online or On Campus has some helpful search tools when you are ready to review your options for doctorate in entrepreneurship graduate degrees. If location is a concern, you can look for programs in a particular city, state or even country.

Next, choose a program format. If you live close to a college or university, prefer to interact with professors and classmates in person, then you might consider a campus-based program. Often the hours are geared to busy adults and making advanced learning accessible.  In fact, Ph.D. students often serve as teaching assistants in undergraduate and graduate-level business classes.

If you are a busy working professional who cannot commute to a school, and work well independently, you might consider an online Ph.D. in entrepreneurship program for its convenience.

If you are not concerned with the format, just the program itself, you might want to open up several listings at the same time. This will help you to review curriculum, faculty, tuition and admission requirements. Students applying to a

doctoral degree program are generally required to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and in many cases a relevant master's degree or graduate-level coursework is encouraged. Admissions to these programs may be competitive and Entrepreneurship PhD and DBA degree programs may require professional work experience or evidence of scholarly research related to the field

Some of these listings might include Doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, DBA in Entrepreneurship and Doctor of Philosophy in organizational Development and Leadership – Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You have the option of clicking a “request info” tab as well.

Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship Program Potential Coursework

Business-savvy students in Entrepreneurship doctoral degree programs are exposed to the theories and practices that are needed for success in starting new businesses, as well as how to teach these skills to others. In addition to studying contemporary entrepreneurial and microeconomic theories, Ph.D. in entrepreneurship students may also study:

  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • Venture management
  • Ethical issues in entrepreneurship
  • Categorical data analysis and multivariate statistics
  • Small business consulting
  • Marketing for start-up businesses
  • Business Plan Development
  • Team-building strategies
  • Networking
  • Leadership
  • Research

DBA vs PhD: Entrepreneurship Degree Differences

In general, a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Entrepreneurship program provides practical knowledge to support a professional career in business management, advanced leadership or consulting. Students learn critical skills in strategic thinking and proactive problem solving so as to be better equipped to face complex business environments or create sustainable and thriving new ventures.

Typically the PhD entrepreneurship programs emphasize strong research skills to help students to prepare for potential future careers in academia, research or experts in business development and innovation. Often research in this area involves technical innovation as well as understanding and addressing the issues that have implications for firms and economic markets.  Students may find some of these doctorate level programs in entrepreneurship somewhat interdisciplinary, with possible concepts and theories taken from economics, sociology, and psychology to address organizational effectiveness.

Potential Career Options For PhD Entrepreneurship Graduates

Graduates of entrepreneurship doctoral degree programs may start their own business endeavors or seek out growing organizations that are looking for experts in business development and innovation. Rather than preparing for a specific career, students may find themselves working as professors or business consultants, government agencies or in the non-profit organizations.

While a PhD does not guarantee employment, achieving this level of education may be a requirement if you aspire to teach in university, or achieve a top-level administrative role, especially in a large corporation or organization.

Ready To Pursue a PhD in Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in the economy of the United States, as new businesses create employment and generate income. However, not all start-ups succeed. If you are a driven leader, innovator, and aspire to a leadership role that has to do with new business ventures and business development, use the search tools on to find a doctorate program today!

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