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Earning an online doctorate in education provides educators with specialized training that can benefit them in the classroom and beyond. There are a variety of career path possibilities for those who choose to enroll in an online doctorate in education program, all of which make use of the great strengths that make teachers such valuable members of society. Whether you dream of working in the public or private sector of education or business, a PhD or Ed.D. in education can provide you with the knowledge and qualifications to pursue advances your career.

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Online Doctorate in Education Degree Types

Knowing the difference between the two degrees and their career goals will help you make the choice in deciding which path you want to pursue. While both are in the Education field, each has its own emphasis and employment possibilities.

For those desiring to remain in the classroom with students, earning a PhD in Education online would be appropriate. This degree emphasizes research for professors in university settings or educators of teachers. You could be taught how to perform research that will improve and expand your knowledge of your individual profession as well as the entire educational system. There are many concentrations you could focus your online doctorate in education degree on, including:

  • Educating those with special needs
  • Training current and future educators
  • Computer Sciences and Information Technology
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Leadership in education

The second degree type is the Doctorate of Education. This degree is more suitable for those who wish to labor in fields that contribute towards solutions to issues in the entire educational system as a whole. This is generally done out of the classroom and can lead to careers in administration, policy making, curriculum directing and research. The online Ed.D. programs are designed for those who wish to improve educational programs by working outside of the classroom in fields such as:

  • Educational Policy: This field studies the ethics of policy-making and the processes involved in making decisions.
  • Educational Administration: Through this degree, students are prepared to effectively administrate and understand the effects of education on societal plagues, such as drug use and domestic violence.
  • Educational Leadership: Educators can choose to specialize in leadership of those in primary grades or higher education.
  • Curriculum Administration: Those interested in designing curriculum and learning environments can focus their studies in these areas.

These are just a few of the many concentrations that students can choose to focus their studies in as they work pursue a degree in the field of education.

Skills and Qualities of Students in an Online Ed.D Program

There are some qualities that PhD candidates in any field of study need to have, including strong work ethic, resilience and excellent time management skills. When entering the programs for a PhD in Education or an Ed.D., there are several additional traits that will contribute to your success. Some of the most common across concentration fields include patience with both coworkers and students, creative thinking to solve difficult problems, presentation skills, strong interpersonal skills and effective communication. Depending on the career you pursue, certain qualities will be more important than others, but these are all generally important in both education degrees.

Another skill that is important for those enrolling in online Ed.D. programs & online doctorate in education programs is the ability to multitask. Many students who choose online degrees are currently working either full- or part-time and furthering their education concurrently, making it more important for these individuals to know how to juggle multiple deadlines and stay motivated when they are at home rather than in a classroom setting.

Job Outlook for Graduates of an Online PhD in Education Degree Program

The career prospects for those entering the field of education are projected to be better than other career paths for one main reason: enrollment in higher education is increasing as the job market becomes more competitive and requires advanced degrees. Due to this fact, those looking to enter fields in post-secondary settings will find a greater abundance of jobs than those looking for work in elementary and high schools[i]. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, projections for the next decade predict there will be over one million jobs available for those entering the field of postsecondary education[ii].

Other career paths for those completing higher education degrees will also see growth, but the rates are closer to average job growth. The pay rate for any careers associated with an online Ed.D. program or a PhD in Education online are typically between $50,000 - $87,000[i], but vary greatly depending on the chosen field, location and position.

Enrolling in one of the online doctoral programs in education is a career choice that could open several doors for employment in a variety of fields. The advanced learning can prepare candidates to become excellent problem solvers and educators. This path can be the perfect option for those looking to make a real difference in the world of education.

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