Montana Rehabilitation Counseling Doctorate Programs

If you are interested in helping people with disabilities or mental health and addiction issues achieve their personal and professional goals through the counseling process you may want to consider a career as a rehabilitation counselor. A PhD in Rehabilitation Counseling may be the perfect career-focused degree to prepare you for this field. It may prepare you to work not only private practice but also in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, correctional facilities, schools, government and insurance agencies and other organizations.

You will want to select your doctorate program in rehabilitation psychology carefully based on your interest. You might want a program that specializes in drug and alcohol counseling, rehabilitation counseling education, disability management or mental health, just to name a few. Some programs may be more focused around research or preparation for university teaching while others may be focused on clinical practice. A PhD in Rehab Science or Human Rehabilitation may be broad but allow you to narrow your own research and focus.

You can use our directory to search for campus-based doctorates in rehabilitation counseling by popular city, state or country. You can also search for online programs if you want more flexibility and are less concerned with face-to-face interaction.

Start your search today to find the right PhD in Rehabilitation Counseling to meet your goals.

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